It’s your last lesson in the PediaSwim Program. It has been a great four weeks, watching your child learn how to save themselves.  There may have been a few tears along the way, but now they are swimming and floating great.

The big question is: What do you do next?

What are Maintenance Lessons?

It is always recommended that you continue to keep your child in swim lessons. The next set of lessons are Maintenance Lessons.

Maintenance Lessons are once or twice a week, depending on what works for you and what your PediaSwim Instructor recommends. These Maintenance Lessons will still be with your same PediaSwim Instructor and are still 10 minute private one-on-one lessons.

In these lessons, your child will continue to maintain their swim-float-swim skills as they grow. When a young child grows, their center of gravity can also change. Your PediaSwim Instructor knows your child and will be able to make corrections as they continue to grow. They will also be taught fun stroke foundations like ‘big arms’ or ‘rocket arms’ that will help them in future stroke lessons.

Keeping your child in swim lessons is one of the best things you can do to help them with their development! You are also helping them to continue onward in their swim journey.