Your child deserves to learn from the best in aquatic education. At SouthWest Aquatics:

  • We offer a warm indoor teaching pool.  It is kept between 88 and 90 degrees for our student’s comfort.
  • Our pools are designed for the ultimate swim lesson experience.
  • All levels of lessons and skill going on at the same time give children great inspiration.
  • The pools are chemically balanced by computer controls and are additionally equipped with a powerful ultraviolet sanitizer.
  • Open 5 days per week from 8am to 6pm for client’s ease of scheduling.
  • Lessons are not cancelled due to inclement weather.
  • Professional year around instructors and coaches.
  • The camaraderie with other children and their families on our pool deck is encouraging and creates lasting friendships.

Backyard pools are not designed for swimming lessons.  They close at the sight of rain, are cold, chemicals can be off, are too small, and instructors are seasonal.  They are not good environments for learning to swim.  Likely your child has already set up their own expectations of their swimming pool.  It is best to use your backyard pool as your time for playing and enjoyment.

Community pools are also not good environments for learning to swim.  There are often other children playing in floaties and unattended and can create distractions for your children.

SouthWest Aquatics is the Destination for Aquatic Education

SouthWest Aquatics offers a cutting edge program from survival, stroke and our award winning swim team, The SouthWest STARS.

PediaSwim is proven to develop incredible swimmers.  The STARS Swim Team is made up of many swimmers who began their swimming career as infants in PediaSwim.  We offer programs for all levels of swimmers and moving up is easy and fun!

SouthWest Aquatics was born in 2000 and has serviced the Central Florida area for over 20 years.  We have the top instructors in the field of aquatics.  SouthWest Aquatics is a learning center, always developing and researching the safest and most effective lessons available.  We are the destination for aquatic’s personnel from all over the world.

Learn the PediaSwim way; the right start for the best finish!