As a parent, it is natural to want to soothe your child’s cry. Whether it is due to hunger or tiredness, we hate to see them cry. However, when your child cries during their PediaSwim lesson, engaging in the lesson will do more harm than good.

One of the most common questions we receive about PediaSwim Lessons is: Will my baby cry?

The answer? Yes, no, maybe, it depends a lot on how crying is handled at home.

If crying brings a lot of attention, they will probably cry.  If mom is unsure she is doing the right thing, they will definitely cry.  Your baby can read you like a book.  If you are confident and truly happy watching the lessons, if your face is smiling and excited, if you tell the baby what a great job they are doing after each lesson, if you feel comfortable, the baby will do great. 

We have had kids that cry, some that never cry, some that quit crying after a couple of lessons, some that stop crying after parent gets in to practice during the lesson and even some that only cry when a parent gets in during the lesson.  All stop crying sooner or later.

Crying is a communication and it can mean lots of things.  Remember: your PediaSwim Instructor is a trained professional who knows how to deal with a crying child. They are patient and caring individuals who want your child to succeed in the course. Crying is never a reason to not make sure that your baby is a great swimmer and floater. These lessons may save your child’s life and it will most certainly give them a lifetime of water fun.  You will never regret it.